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These five established corporates are looking for startups with innovative solutions for specific tasks. We offer jointly implemented business and cooperation in Vienna. All details in the descriptions

wko logo A project of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

The "Innovation to Company" initiative brings together startups and established companies. The Vienna Chamber of Commerce acts as a platform and enabler. It's another step in tackeling the challenge of implementing innovation into existing companies to create new business together.

Overall, five different challenges will be carried out in Season 4. The goal is to find the best possible ideas and innovations for existing companies - from already founded startups, university teams, developers, etc.
In each challenge, a winner is chosen - and then the new project, the innovative idea, etc. is implemented with the buddy company.
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Walter Ruck

President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Our goal as chamber of commerce, in our function as an active platform, is, to create as many win-win situations as possible. The "Innovation to Company" initiative is particularly interesting because the interaction of existing and emerging companies or teams should create new business in Vienna that benefits everyone. And maybe we contribute with our project to new, great success stories that reach far beyond our city.

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